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"national business card"
Zigong dinosaur into "national business card" will be at China dinosaur stamps
          Will be released this month 20, China dinosaur stamps, of which 4 for zigong produced "more dorsal spine tuojiang river dragon"

         Yesterday, the reporter learned from zigong city post office stamp company that 20 this month, HongKong post will be issued "China dinosaur" a set of stamps, the dinosaurs as the theme of the stamps produced in the territory of China by the 6 kinds of the most representative of dinosaurs, including the summer bean spirit dragon, microraptor, giant LuFeng dragon, dorsal spine tuojiang river dragons, Ann protoceratops and upstream yongchuan a dragon. Among them, the more dorsal spine tuojiang river dragon first discovered in 1974 in the artesian well in zhuhai district wu family dam.

         It is understood that this is from the former ministry of posts and telecommunications in 1958 issued "22" "ancient Chinese" commemorative stamps (a total of three, including one for yunnan LuFeng dragon - it is the world's first dinosaur stamp issued), China dinosaur again appeared in "national business card", and zigong dinosaur ecological reconstruction in the form of stamps issued for the first time.

        40 years ago: Asia's first complete "the tuojiang river dragon" for zigong has earned its reputation as "dragon township"
        In early March 1974, zigong to build a wood processing factory workers in the excavation of the drain, surprised to find a piece of fossil emerge from the soil. After that, the chongqing museum staff to zigong in zigong salt history museum and the city to build a company with the cooperation of timber processing plants, began the formal excavation. The staff with more than three months time, received within the range of 100 square meters total weight about 4 tons of more than 100 cases of dinosaur fossils, it serves to show its fossil intensive degree.
       Fossil was brought back to the chongqing museum, institute of vertebrate paleontology and paleoanthropology, Chinese academy of sciences and chongqing joint interior finishing of this batch of fossil museum research. This group of scientists for ten years, from the Chinese communist party identified more than dorsal spine tuojiang river dragon, etc. 5 genuses. "More of the selected China dinosaur stamps back spine tuojiang river dragon, living in the late Jurassic, is a kind of typical zigong dinosaur, belong to a more progressive type. It is larger, about 7.5 meters in length and is the oldest and best preserved Asia found a stegosaurus dinosaur fossils." Zigong dinosaur museum curator one thousand is introduced.
     It is because of the 1970 s of zigong dinosaur fossil origin of wu family dam, especially the "more dorsal spine tuojiang river dragon fossil, not only make the city a first complete stegosaurs fossil site in Asia, also in zigong won its reputation as the" dinosaur of the township ", "dragon" tuojiang river once became a popular star in China dinosaur and the domestic many museums to lead specimens of exhibition on display.
     Forty years later: zigong dinosaur into "national business card" to promote the dinosaur cultural elements
    Zigong dinosaur stam, let the zigong dinosaur's image among the "national business card", and zigong dinosaur museum and zigong postal wish and dream for many years. "As early as at the beginning of the dinosaur museum in preparation, we put forward the idea of" zigong dinosaur "stamp." Wan said, for this reason, in April 1989, zigong dinosaur museum is devoted to the relevant authorities delivered on the advice the opinion of "zigong dinosaur" stamp ", in "tianfu emei dragon", "taibai HuaYangLong", "shu dragon" three kinds of dinosaur skeletons and a photo "burial site" for a total of 4 to stamp issued form, pity not to.
   Zigong dinosaur museum was built at the beginning of the open, "the people of China postal" only issued a set of 5 pieces of zigong dinosaur postcard. Zigong zigong, the post office, post office and other relevant units, although there have been a "zigong dinosaur" stamp, and issued some zigong dinosaur associated products, but have no big breakthrough. 2014 at the start of the lunar year of the horse a noon, zigong city post office first to set up the "post office" dinosaur concurrent first day cover, a postcard, 4 by dragon horse spirit, the lead, kicked off the zigong dinosaur again into "national business card" of the.
   Many in the industry and the stamp enthusiasts know in advance the message said, HongKong post upcoming China dinosaur stamps, the zigong dinosaur income which fully shows its extensive influence and irreplaceable scientific value and significance, it is worth remembering!