Animal theme park in Canada

  They move. They Roar. They are coming back.

  A Canadian Zoo is pleased to host Dinosaurs RETURN for the 2013 season! The event was enormously successful in 2012. Visitors came in droves to view life sized, animatronic dinosaurs which took the naturalistic hillside by storm to engage the crowds and our community.

  Dinosaurs RETURN 2013 promises to be even bigger and better then Dinosaurs LIVE 2012! More dinosaurs will be roaming our grounds as we use the funds generated by your support to construct a building on site for some very special residents, a pair of Saltwater crocodiles (Crocodylus porosus). The world’s largest and most revered living reptile.

  Come support Dinosaurs RETURN 2013 and educate yourself about our world’s prehistoric life- help to support a charitable organization as we work to provide a home for some of the world’s most majestic wildlife! Watch as our saltwater crocodile pair grows from their current 2m to their adult sizes- they don’t stay small for long…

  Please take the time to visit and support our sponsors who are listed on this page and who have so generously contributed to this charitable event.

  please come and enjoy this major fundraising event!