The dinosaur world exposition of Korea Goseong in 2012

  The dinosaur world exposition of Korea Goseong in 2012 is on the theme of falling raindrops in the sky Waking up the dinosaur which was held from 30 March to 10 June.

  Three topics was setting by this world exposition. The first part ,the rain is a god-given gift instead of disaster.In the experience of the classroom,visitors can learn the serious of Global water shortage. If we could make good use of it,The rain is also very important human resources.Thus,visitors can be set to the correct understanding of the rain.

  Let's bring dinosaur back to earth

  T-rex, also known as Tyrannosaurus. It is known carnivorous dinosaurs and one of the most famous dinosaur. They are carnivorous dinosaurs the largest and most puissant species in carnivorous animals. Tyrannosaurus rex was one of the largest land carnivores of all time; The body of T-rex long 13 meters, and the shoulder is high about five meters, with an average weight of about 9 tons. T-rex dating back about 6850 years to 6550 years, and is the last dinosaur species of the Cretaceous - Tertiary extinction event.

  Now T-rex came back to earth and appeared in Hunan, astonish most people there.

  Look over the disappearance of sixty-five million years ago dinosaur footprints left by the on the earth, through the resurrection of dinosaurs show in the 21st century,arouse people's new understanding of the importance of the environment and life.

  Exposition of the Korean peninsula has can see the earliest fossils of dinosaur footprint fossil museum,the first domestic 360 rotary 5 d pavilion, the rain experience pavilion Method of solar energy utilization and a various kinds of activities.

  Hope this dinosaur world exposition of Korea Goseong in 2012 Can be as a place for kids and parents happy experience.