Enjoy your Mini-Golf

  In people's minds, Golf is a professional and luxury sport, always keeps people stay away. But now, golf spawned a new type of civilians. In Canada and United States, with a population of about two million, there are more than 600-700 mini golf club, either indoors or outdoors, almost every household play a few hours every week on a regular basis. Mini-golf do not ask for professional skills and there is no restriction on the age, from four-year-old children to 80-year-old man can participate. The purpose to take Mini-golf is recreational and fitness.

  There is a special Mini-Golf courses in Australia, not olny use of a special new developed high simulation mini golf turf with low-cost, non-polluting,, but also to add dinosaurs to make mini-golf more funny and more attractive. These customized dinosaurs from our company--Zigong City Dragon Culture& Arts Co., Ltd, through our installation of dinosaurs in the right position, the placed dinosaurs look like talent and the entire mini-golf course looks more mysterious and interesting, as well as llooks ike a Jurassic Park, Therefore, this mini-golf, attracting a large number of men and women even though the whole family to attend. Look! How intoxicated they are indulging in it! This kind of atmosphere let them satisfied and enjoyable, not only experience the mini-golf, but also let their kids to know more about dinosaurs science knowledge, This is trend, what things can prevent it to popular?

  If you are well prepare for or ready to build mini-golf course, decorating with animated dinosaurs and simulated animals, will be a component of your choice!