Dinosaur Adventure Golf in UK

  A pack of dinosaurs from Zigong City Dragon Culture & Arts Co.,Ltd came back to earth in dinosaur Adventure Golf in UK.

  The dinosaur adventure golf is spread out over a massive 70,000 square foot playing surface, and populated by 50 astonishingly realistic and life-sized dinosaurs -- many which loom over 30 feet high.




  You can see Velociraptor, T-rex, huge diplodocus, brachiosaurus and many other dinosaurs in the dinosaur Adventure Golf in UK. Dinosaurs roamed earth 65 million years ago. Now they're back... Moving & breathing!

  A digital sound system compliments the scene by pumping out jungle and nature sound effects, which are sure to make even the most sceptical golfers wonder if they’ve been transported back in time hundreds of millions of years. Everyone there feel that they were just right in Jurassic park and got a lifetime unforgettable experience.