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Q: What is the MOQ (minimum order quantity)? 

A: One. 


Q: What is your payment terms? 

A: Currently, we accept T/T (Telegraphic Transfer) and Western Union. Once the order is confirmed, 50% of order amount shall be paid as the deposit to start production. After the prodcution, remain balance shall be paid before shipment. In order to keep everything moving forward, buyer is obligated to notify us any payment by sending the bank receipt to us. 


Q: What is difference between silicon and fiberglass? 

A: The silicon rubber dinosaur is animatronic with movements(mouth opening and closing, eyes blinking, etc.), but the fiberglass dinosaur is static. 


Q: Can the dinosaur Model be used outdoor? 

A: Yes, especially, the silicon rubber has good quality, which can withstand outdoor elements like rain, snow, sun. Cold and hot weather resistant from -20 °C to 70 °C (-4 °F to 158°F). 


Q: Can you make something that is not in your catalog? 

A: By far, we can make almost all kinds of dinosaurs, cartoon characters, animals, feel free to send us a picture or your design. 


Q: What is the lifespan of your products? 

A: For the silicon products, it is about 10 years. For the fiberglass products, it can last forever indoor and outdoor. 


Q: How long is the guarantee? 

A: We provide up to 1 years guarantee. During this period, any breakdown or problem occured, customer is obligated to send us photos or videos to help us to find out the problem, then we will provide solution to for you to fix it remotely and send you free spare parts if necessary. But shipping cost is of the customer's account. 


Q: How many pcs can put into one 20"GP container? 

A: It depends on size of products. For 3m long dinosaurs, it is 8 pieces, 5m long dinosaurs, 2 pieces. 


Q: Is it easy to get the your products installed? How? 

A: Yes, it is really easy. We will send you a manual to assist you to finish installation. If needed, we can arrange the engineer to install the product. 


Q: How do you pack and deliver your products? 

A: Small size of products will be packed with air bubble film complete unit, as for the big size, they should be cut into several pieces(legs, head, tail, body), assembled in destination after transportation. Normally it is shipped by occean, and it can be shipped by air as per buyer's choice. 


Q: What is the relation between Dragon Culture & Arts Co.,Ltd and Dinosaur Landcape & Arts Co.,Ltd? 

A: Dragon Culture & Arts Co.,Ltd is the parent company and Dinosaur Landcape & Arts Co.,Ltd is the subsidiary company. Dinosaur Landcape & Arts Co.,Ltd are on behalf of the Dragon Culture & Arts Co.,Ltd under certain cumstances. 


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