Nansha Tin Hau Temple to see the high simulation dinosaur Dinosaur Park
Nansha Tin Hau Temple to see the high simulation dinosaur Dinosaur Park

       Went to the weekend, many parents wonder how to make children enjoyable weekend too! Wish to Dinosaur Park Nansha Tin Hau Temple Bar
       1:1 dozens of high dynamic simulation dinosaur and dinosaur skeletons, will take effect on December 7 officially presented at the Nansha Tin Hau Temple Dinosaur Park, the exhibition will continue until time of Dec. 15
       Three different periods of the dinosaurs present in the audience, a wealth of activities, dinosaur fans to bring a fresh and fun park, and you can understand the dinosaur family thrive scenes, learning more knowledge of     dinosaurs while advocating the majority audiences love animals protecting the global environment
      Triassic. Jurassic. Cretaceous, the dinosaurs belonging to three different centuries. Before we often understand dinosaurs from the Hollywood blockbuster "Jurassic Park", and now in the Nansha Tin Hau Temple Dinosaur Park during the exhibition period, the majority of the audience will not only see the dinosaurs in the movie screen, but close contact with high simulation dinosaurs and dinosaur skeleton
     High simulation dinosaurs are mechanical dinosaurs, dragons are strictly in accordance with these machines, "original version" - handed down from ancient dinosaur fossil record, coupled with the latest research in recent years, scientists have found to make the skin elasticity, joint activities and the way oscillating mode and other features are a stature was made​​, 90% degree of simulation
       In addition to issuing thrilling sounds, their neck, head and mouth can move freely. This is because the dinosaur's stomach with head mounted reducer with large and small motor, uses a lot of steel skeleton of a dinosaur, and fixed to the ground with steel
        Dinosaur skin using silicone material, and biological skin highly similar. These dinosaurs up to more than one thousand parts, the assembly process is very complicated, thus ensuring every action is so natural and smooth. Making a mechanical dinosaurs to spend three months time

The Tertiary numerous exhibits, and for the first time in the Nansha display. Hollywood designers to use, the use of cutting-edge technology tailored to restore the dinosaur family thrive scene, unlock all the mysteries about dinosaurs, there Stegosaurus, Triceratops, and ferocious Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaurs and many other family members, the impact you eye, take you through time and space, to return to the Jurassic era, a close look at dinosaurs, bring your family to experience the thrills of the children feel and enjoy the family Fun fun. Come quickly