India Dinosaur Park
India Dinosaur Park
The simulation of dinosaurs that were produced by our company debuted in India - the dinosaur park, the exhibition comprises thirty kinds of dinosaurs, all of the vivid lifelike dinosaurs caught many tourists' attention.
In addition, It also exhibited dinosaur fossil skeleton, dinosaur eggs, dinosaur skull and dinosaur teeth etc. All of them are in accordance with the real dinosaur 1:1 restoration. Sometimes they walk, sometimes roar, sometimes look pleased with oneself or eyes blink. Not only can Visitors see, But also can contact with dinosaurs in zero distance, such like exposure in Jurassic period.
the dinosaurs fit the green design around, such like ferocious Tyrannosaurus Rex, 20 meters long giant Stegosaurus, pterosaur that stay in the Alsophila spinulosa tree , the baby dinosaur just was born from the eggs ,dinosaur fighting scenes .etc They are composed of breeding,hunting scenes, reproducing dinosaurs dominated the earth prosperous picture.
We put the dinosaur models in exotic land, our consummate skill is to make more Chinese people to be proud of.

Understand the physical structure, physiological characteristic, behavior etc of dinosaur fossils and dinosaurs through consult archaeological expert technical guidance carefully, we processed using a variety of scientific methods and advanced technology, to copy and recovery, enables them to achieve the lifelike animal prototype from the image, color etc.. The dinosaur model, simulation animal produced by our company are in praise from domestic and foreign tourists and customers.
The following is the India Dinosaur Park Exhibition model: