Rm.9 27/F No.2 building, No. 121, West Rd. LuoPu Rotary Island, Panyu District, Guangzhou, China
Zigong City Dinosaur Forest Theme Park

   "Orangutans, tigers, elephants, snakes ......" This is not visiting the zoo, this is my company's simulation animal theme park in the forest on display.Lifelike animals look realistic, add a bit of color to the villa, a bit mysterious. The simulation animals exhibited in various specific location Villa, Villa embodies the principle of "one of a scene".Allowing visitors to return to nature, respect for nature. Simulation animal with the surrounding green plants, reflecting the people and nature, combined with the perfect animal. Customers and visitors get the recognition and appreciation.


  Simulation animal is a senior arts and crafts, craftsmen through the habits of animals and manufacture. Manual nuanced, dyeing full dazzling, lifelike, fully demonstrated the art of traditional Chinese handicrafts charm and cultural characteristics of the Chinese nation, with high decorative and ornamental value of the collection. Whether it is on display in the indoor or outdoor have a finishing touch, to reflect the cultural tastes. The perfect combination of man and nature, emotions, love and reflect, all ages, fun unlimited, can leave unforgettable memories, giving the feeling of enjoyment, the spirit of fun.