Rm.9 27/F No.2 building, No. 121, West Rd. LuoPu Rotary Island, Panyu District, Guangzhou, China
To celebrate the Chinese year, Las Vegas,
China fire-breathing dragon
In order to celebrate the Chinese New Year, Las Vegas hotel in our factory have ordered 30 meters long fire-breathing dragon in China!!!!!!!!!!!! By skillful craftsman of zigong city longteng company after two months of time in zigong, took four container sent to Las Vegas, obtained the customer high praise and the successive radio reported in the press.

Las Vegas is the biggest city in Nevada, to gambling industry as the center of a huge tourism, shopping, vacation industry and famous, is one of the world famous resort, with "entertainment capital of the world" and "the marriage" the laudatory name. From a huge playground to a real flesh and blood, live flesh; the Las Vegas thoroughly remould oneself in 10 years, from a small village one hundred years ago into a giant tourist city. 38.9 million passengers each year to Las Vegas tourism, to shopping and enjoy delicious food accounts for most, made a special trip to gambling accounted for only a few.
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