Rm.9 27/F No.2 building, No. 121, West Rd. LuoPu Rotary Island, Panyu District, Guangzhou, China
The training program in 2013.

  On 2nd in June of 2013, the middle and senior managers participated in the annual training program called ‘Production management and execution team training’. It was decided into six modules as follows:

  1 Manager’s role and responsibilities of cognitive.

  2 Production process skills training.

  3 Site team building skills training.

  4 Three major obstacles to the implementation.

  5 Promoting implementation of the five tools.

  6 How to assess the implementation of tracking force.

  The execution, enthusiasm and united force of our stuff have progressed a lot after this training.We are planning to develop those kind of training program in the near future to encourage our employees to grow with our company.