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Dinosaurs come back to Turkmenistan in May,2014

Dinosaurs come back to Turkmenistan in May,2014 

Where will be your choice to trip in your plan in this summer? 

Follow me, and i won’t let you down for this trip--The dinosaur park survive in Turkmenistan! It will be your wonderful adventurous and memorial day there. It will be your good choice 

The Dino Park locate in Turkmenistan capital-Ashgabad, total 4600 square meter inside a over 10,000 amusement park. The dinosaur park features a unique outdoor dinosaurs show, while most original dino park have steady dinosaur, their life size dinosaurs show visitors how they look like real one alive! These dinosaurs range in size from 2meter long raptor to the 27meter long Diplodocus.

Turkmenistan Dino Park has an huge opening ceremony in May,2014, it means the park has opened to Public in May,2014. Over 18 pieces different sizes different kinds of dinosaurs standing among the forest, As you walk through a tree-lined nature trail the dinosaurs sit back from the trail, situated among plants, trees and rocks, making it easy to imagine real dinosaurs in a natural environment.

Moreover, the special introduction board guide you the characteristic and knowledge of each dinosaurs with 2 languages (Turkmenistan & English), this is the best way to family with kids to come to know more about dinosaurs and friendly to International visitors as well. 

In addition, the entertainment dinosaurs such as walking dinosaurs and riding dinosaurs as well as dinosaur eggs, dig dinosaur skeletons for kids, bring more funny and the chance to more close to real dinosaurs! For photoing, for riding, and for educational! 

Such dreamy and adventurous Dino Park has came back to Turkmenistan! What are you waiting for?!